MemberPass FAQs for Credit Unions2022-08-24T17:19:56+00:00
What is MemberPass and how will it benefit our Members?2022-08-24T15:55:08+00:00

MemberPass is digital identity verification stored on a smart phone. MemberPass proactively protects members from fraud and provides secure authentication across all interactions.

MemberPass eliminates the need for members to show an ID card or answer security questions, and securely verifies their identity in seconds.

Do Members pay a fee to enroll in MemberPass?2022-08-24T15:55:30+00:00

There is NO fee to the Member.

Why should members enroll in MemberPass?2022-08-24T15:55:59+00:00

MemberPass proactively protects them from fraud and is simple to use!

  1. Prevents identity theft and account take-over incidents
  2. Members no longer required to share sensitive information
  3. Gives Members control over their own privacy
Do Members need to download an app for MemberPass?2022-08-24T15:56:40+00:00

There is no app required to activate or use MemberPass.

Our Members used MemberPass via the app before; is the new app-less version just as secure?2022-08-24T15:57:02+00:00

Yes, both versions of MemberPass are extremely secure. Your Members will enjoy optimal proactive fraud protection.

Does this mean Members can delete the App now?2022-08-24T15:57:24+00:00

Yes! Since we have made MemberPass easier for Members to use, they can delete the MemberPass App previously installed on their phone.

How do Members use the new app-less version of MemberPass after they enroll?2022-08-24T15:58:00+00:00

The next time they call, chat, or visit the Credit Union, they’ll use MemberPass.

They won’t show an ID card or answer security questions, and they’ll be securely verified in seconds.

  1. The Credit Union will send a text message to the Member’s phone
  2. The Member clicks the secure link in the text and is routed to a secure URL:
  3. Then, it’s a simple tap to confirm the Member is who he says he is.
  4. Biometrics are checked, and the Member is confirmed. Done!
What happens if Members lose their phone?2022-08-24T15:58:40+00:00

The MemberPass information remains encrypted and protected. Since the Member’s biometrics are required to access the credential, anyone who finds the phone will be unable to use MemberPass.

When the phone is replaced, the Member will need to re-enroll in MemberPass by following the instructions the Credit Union will provide.

Can MemberPass be used on both Android and iOS devices?2022-08-24T15:59:05+00:00

Yes! MemberPass works on any iOS or Android device which also supports biometric authentication.

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