Membership Has Its Benefits

Membership and participation in CUFX activities enables credit unions and technology providers of all sizes to not only be at the forefront of open API integration, but to help shape the future by sharing expertise, debating with industry thought leaders and influencing industry best practices.  Click here to sign up for your CUFX membership today!

CUFX membership benefits include:

  • Gaining priority access to API change requests needed for active implementation of digital products and services.
  • Enjoying networking opportunities to establish valuable industry contacts and learn from peers and industry thought leaders.
  • Gaining up-to-date, valuable market intelligence and collaborating to solve industry issues though participation in the influential industry and technology committees and working groups.
  • Contributing unique perspectives to trusted educational assets such as white papers, FAQs and position statements.
  • Influencing best practices and open standards for the credit union industry, fintechs, paytechs, digital banking, core banking and more.

How Much Does It Cost to be a CUFX Member?

CU Membership Fee

$1,000 per year

Organizational Size
(based on annual revenue)

$25 million and below
$25-$50 million
$50-$200 million
> $200 million

Service Provider
Membership Fee

$3,000 per year
$5,000 per year
$7,500 per year
$10,000 per year